Sean Walker-Milne
Web Developer

British born internationally raised web developer working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, .net MVC and MSSQL technologies.
Remotely developing web sites for clients in the UK, USA and Singapore since 1997.

A Little History

I was very fortunate to be born to parents that liked to live in interesting places. As a result I lived and went to school in countries on four continents and this gave me a pretty incredible childhood. Seeing vastly different cultures and climates every few years really gave me the grounding and world view that shaped me into the contented and open minded person I feel I have become.

When it came to completing school though it was back to the UK for our family. It was hard to adjust to the people and culture but I did well with my final exams and secured a place at university to do a BSc Business Computing degree. Unfortunately the time it takes to make a course meant that the university was teaching us out of date practices and moving at such a slow and frustrating pace that I left in my second year to go work in the computing industry and gain experience in the workplace rather than in the class room.

After a few years building PC's, servers and networks for Elonex Plc and Carrera in London England. I got a job as webmaster working for a 3 man company called E-motion making web sites in Guildford. It was a great place to work and I learned a lot during my time there. The dynamics and pressures of a small team environment are quite different from the large corporate systems I'd experienced before.

It's here that the fun really started. It was the first dot com boom and the web industry was on fire. So many companies wanted these things called 'web sites' they didn't know what they were but knew they needed one.

After a few fantastic years working on websites I was head hunted by a friend and persuaded to work at Carerra Plc in London as a network consultant. The dot com bubble had burst and I missed working with hardware so it made for a nice change. The networking interest didn't last long, too much crawling around under desks and cramped server rooms got tiresome and after a couple of years I missed web development and decided to move up to Scotland to set up my own business. I decided to follow the same model that I'd seen work so well for E-Motion and provided technical services to local designers. Oryx Internet Services Ltd was born.

Things went well at first I managed to land work with respected clients like Wilcon Homes and Wedgewood but my inexperience at managing the business caught up with me when some clients failed to make payments on time and I was forced to wind up the company after a 2 years.

Undeterred and still passionate about the industry I set up a new partnership with my sister and one of my friends. We broadened our skill set to include photography and business consulting under the name of POD3 Ltd. This venture was more successful and ran for 5 years though my sister and friend moved on to pursue other careers after a while.

In 2003 I moved back to London to take advantage of the better availability of broadband. With the better internet connection I was able to build international relationship and started to work remotely for clients in the USA. The international connections resulted in a lot of great opportunities, one of which was the formation of a company to facilitate real estate auctions in Ohio. As technical director I designed and developed a real time auction system for us to use and then supported it over the course of the companies life span. I also continued to work remotely on other projects with clients in the USA, Australia and Singapore.

In 2012 after a four month stay in Canada I moved back to the UK and am now based out of Glasgow.

Some Of My Interests

Unsurprisingly many of my interests are technology related. I've been an avid gamer since the age of 7 and have always devoted a lot of my spare time to it. Apart from the enjoyment of the games themselves I've also made a lot of online friends and even business clients as a result of the social aspect of gaming. Many of my international projects have come as a result of people I've met playing online games.

I'm also a keen follower of international affairs, politics and economic developments probably as a result of living in 4 continents and growing up in different cultures.

I've always had a deep fascination in space and passionately follow the latest discoveries and frequently muse about the scale and origins of the universe.

That's not to say I'm a book worm by any means. As much as I love to follow cerebral pursuits one of my greatest passions is dance music and the club culture that I experienced in the late 90's and early 2000's. I'm still a daily listener to hard house, techno, trance and absolutely love to loose myself on the dance floor with a gaggle of close friends in some eclectic club.