Sean Walker-Milne
Web Developer

British born internationally raised web developer working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, .net MVC and MSSQL technologies.
Remotely developing web sites for clients in the UK, USA and Singapore since 1997.


Seventeen years experience as a web developer and server admin working in and leading small, geographically diverse teams where creative use of technology and problem solving are key. Usually required to use a broad range of skills to architect projects that required several technologies to be creatively integrated into a bespoke solution tailored to the client’s needs. Frequently dealing with customers that have technical problems or little understanding of their requirements and then design and deliver their solution. Remote working in all jobs since 2000 allowing for flexible working hours supported with frequent online team meetings.

Web Skills

HTML & CSS Writing HTML since 1997 and using CSS nearly as long. Familiar with current standards HTML5/CSS 3, tableless design, mobile friendly, markup separation, SOE & accessibility issues. Use of Visual Studio & hand coding techniques in web page creation. Used .net to develop data driven & interactive websites, since .net 1.0 beta in 2001. Used for the first 7years and C# since. Currently developing sites using .net 4.0 MVC 5 with Razor. Over the years I’ve made standard sites, CMS systems, Webservices and RESTful back ends to ajax sites.

JavaScript Over 4 years of JavaScript experience. Use of Firebug/Fiddler for monitoring interactions/changes. I initially avoided using JavaScript in my sites due to browser differences but as browsers have got better and libraries like JQuery became available I found the technology to be acceptable.

SQL Used MSSQL to model data stores for sites for 14 years with T-SQL stored procedures used in most data based projects. Used MySQL previous to that when I was still using PHP.

Flash/Flex Though I’ve completely stopped using Flash/Flex in favor of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript I used Flash for many years (since version 2). Although I'm not an animator I’ve used it to make lots of front ends and then grown with it as more scripting and coding was possible. Often had to plug server services into flash generated clients. Have made a few kiosk and demo CD’s for clients over the years as well.

PHP Switched from PHP to ASP.Net beta in 2001 after using PHP for about 2 years. I can still architect a site using PHP though my skills are rusty and I’d rather work with .net.

Work Experience

Senior Developer

09/2010 - Today Modern Technique LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Design and development of web sites.
  • Technical lead & problem solving for design team.
  • Remote working with team members in the USA.
  • Direct junior contractors from time to time.
  • Server maintenance.

My primary duties are to design and build small to medium mobile friendly websites, email shots and generally support the lead designer’s technical needs. All sites are built using .net 4.0 and MVC 3 for backend scripting and JavaScript for client side interactivity and animations. From time to time I give technical direction to junior contractors that we may bring in. Still working remotely with the Ohio team I’ve known since 2003 but now with their own company. As with previous jobs this is an on-demand flexible hours remote working position.

Senior Developer

2/2008 - 10/2010 Jamestown Creative Group, LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Design and development of .net and Flash based web sites.
  • Technical lead & problem solving for design team.
  • Remote working with team members in the USA.
  • Project management and team leader for the junior developer.

Continuing to work with the Ohio based team I’ve known since 2003 when they started working for a new company I was brought on with them. Still making data driven websites in .net as well as flash sites and marketing CD’s. I had a junior developer to work with and direct. All work was done remotely as I was living in the UK.

IT Director

11/2006 - 11/2007 Auctionation LLC, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Specification, development & maintenance of .net based in-house auction system.
  • Technical lead & problem solving for design team.
  • Remote working with team members in the USA and Australia.
  • Coding & integrating flash based front end with .net/SQL backend.
  • Server maintenance.

I designed and developed the software system for running the auctions and worked closely with the designers and marketing team. I was also responsible for remotely monitoring servers from the UK and maintaining the dedicated servers.

Technical Director

3/2002 - 4/2007 POD3 Ltd, Perth, Perthshire

  • Provided technical skills for a small in house team then to freelancers and agencies in the UK, USA and Australia.
  • Backend system design, implementation and problem solving.
  • Turning graphics designs into html or flash front ends & general designer support.
  • Actionscript coding for flash demo CD's and kiosk applications.

My responsibilities focused on directing the internet side of the business and my role was often client facing from initial planning to after sales management and product development. Initially working for UK based companies and agencies we later formed ties with designers in the USA and Australia and worked remotely on their projects. Most projects were data driven scripted sites often with flash components and MS SQL backends. I coded projects ranging from xml driven simple sites to SQL driven n-Tier auction sites with webservices. I also created a few stand alone flash CD's and kiosk applications for clients.

Sole Proprietor

6/2000 - 3/2002 Oryx Internet Services Ltd, Perth, Scotland

  • Freelance web design/development and technical consultation.
  • Supporting design agencies in the local area, Dundee and Edinburgh.
  • Network consulting and technical services.

Initially selling the skills gained over the previous years to local small businesses I worked on building relationships with local designers and design agencies. By providing outsourced technical skills to designers and partnering with other small businesses I was able to provide their clients with better solutions. Starting with client facing meetings during the initial bidding and specification phase then working closely with the partner company right through to project delivery. Through my partner companies I was able to work for some well known names like Wedgewood and Wilcon Homes.
At this time the majority of the work was HTML and flash based with some PHP scripting and early forays into beta.

Network Consultant

10/1999 - 11/1999 Computers in the City, City of London, London

  • Diagnosing network problems.
  • Server and workstation installations.
  • Router and network service configuration.

The month spent at Computers in the City consisted of installing, repairing & managing servers and network services for financial organisations in The City of London. It was often a high pressure environment with mission critical systems needing real time support.

Senior Network Engineer

8/1998 - 10/1999 CNet/Carrera PLC, Brent Cross, London

  • Pre-sales customer relations.
  • Project manager managing NT 4 & Win98 rollouts of up to 50 workstations.
  • Server design & configuration.
  • Diagnosing network hardware & software problems.
  • UTP CAT-5 installation and design.
  • Mainly LAN experience with some WAN configurations.
  • Disaster recovery planning.

I was responsible for assisting the sales team and junior network engineers on site and remotely. The position allowed me to use my problem solving skills to troubleshoot network installs and ongoing support issues. I was often called in by desperate clients to help fix problems on systems or software that I had no training on. Being able to work out a solution fast was an important trait and made for an exciting if somewhat nerve wracking experience. My manner and honesty in these difficult situations won the company many long term clients.

Web Developer

6/1997 - 8/1998 E-Motion Ltd, Guildford, Surrey

  • Development and ongoing support of ASP & Delphi database driven websites.
  • Graphical design work using Flash, Photoshop & Dreamweaver.
  • Web server maintenance & reporting.
  • Network administrator for the company.

As this small web companies first employee (3 directors and myself) I had a lot of responsibility and was required to work independently and with my own initiative from the start. Coming from a hardware & server background it was my responsibility to run the companies web servers and network system. I worked remotely with the technical director developing the HTML front ends that he would then use to create dynamically generated content using Delphi. I introduced Flash to the company and we used it in a few intranet projects where it was appropriate.
While I was working for the company we managed to secure work from some prestigious clients including Vodaphone, Q8 oil, Asda, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, 3MV and the British Chamber of Commerce.

Specialist System Builder

1/1997 - 3/1997 Elonex PLC, Neasden, London

  • Custom built machines for review in industry magazines.
  • Evaluation of new products for expanding our product line.

The position was created to raise Elonex's profile in the industry. Our small team worked hard to produce top quality machines specifically for review and we succeeded in winning awards every month while I was in this position.

Network Engineer

2/1996 - 1/1997 Elonex PLC, Neasden, London

  • Building workstations & servers to customer's specifications.
  • Installing and configuring software.
  • Site surveys & CAT-5 Cabling.

Initially building computers I progressed to testing then later to on-site network installs and config.